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Hi Everyone,
It’s been an amazing trip around the world and back for this leg of my tour!  I just came back from Moscow and Dallas recently, and I just landed at home a couple days ago after a month and a half of whirlwind travel.  I absolutely had an amazing time on the road seeing some of you again and meeting some of you for the first time!  I look forward to more of that to come!  It’s my favorite…being with you in person.
While I’m at home for a few weeks before I head out to the southeast for a few more concerts, I’m working daily on my material for the new album I’ll be recording this January 2015.  I’m so excited to say that I’ll be recording this 4th album with the same crew that I recorded my previous self-titled album with!  It’s gonna be a fun time and because we know each other from the last time, I feel more depth emerging in this next album……and……there will be a surprise on this next album as well…an addition to the music!  I’m super excited to share more music with you in the new year!

Also, I’m thrilled to announce that I soon will be releasing a few new live tracks(in a nice digital bundle) from this past fall tour…For Free!  These live tracks will feature Tripp Dudley on percussion, Ezra Landis on guitars, Salif Diabate on kora, and MJ on percussion and backing vocals. I’m so happy to share the experience of this past tour with you all, and I want to say thank you for coming out and being a part of it with us!  So stay tuned!  I’ll be sharing those tracks soon!

There is so much more to share!  New tour dates are emerging in the new year in Australia, Europe, the continental US, Canada, Hawaii, and more!  I’m so thrilled to have Jordan Loder on the Simrit Kaur Music team!  He is my new booking administration and tour management….things are really shaping up with his help and expertise!  He also works for Deva Premal and Miten, so that should say a lot.  He is a gem of a person, and he is magnificant at what he does.
For now, I have a handful of dates left this year, and I’m really looking forward to it all!  I would LOVE to see you! See below for a list of the remaining dates of 2014:
Nov.12       SIMRIT LIVE at THE NEVADA THEATER..Nevada City, Ca  for 7 Voices.
Nov.22       SIMRIT LIVE at VIBRATE THE HEAVENS: live music kundalini yoga workshop led by Jai Dev Singh in Marin, Ca
Dec.12       SIMRIT LIVE at UNITY ON THE BAY in Miami, Fl
Dec.16-22  SIMRIT LIVE at 3HO’s WINTER SOLSTICE in Lake Wales, Fl

Dec.28       SIMRIT LIVE at SEA ISLAND RESORT in Sea Island, GA

See you soon!  I’m so happy to be sharing all this with y’all~


Love Always,


West Coast Tour

Hi Everyone,

Next week is my west coast tour! I’m feeling the excitement and nerves at the same time. Although I have booked all of my previous tours, this is the first tour that I am also producing, myself, and I feel the feelings that I feel when I’m taking on a new project that is more than what my mind can conceive. I’m learning to trust more and to let go as well.

I’m SO excited to be playing with Ezra Landis on guitars and Tripp Dudley on percussion. Both of these amazing and world-class musicians and I have been playing together this week at Sat Nam Fest, which is an incredible music and yoga festival that is so heart-opening. We have been in awe of the incredilbe sounds together and we’ve also cracked lots of jokes and laughed til’ our bellies hurt! I’m so grateful to be here. I feel honored to be touring again, and my heart is opening more and more to what this music is really about…loving ourselves, accepting ourselves for who we truly are, and being real with ourselves and eachother so that we can really connect.

I start my drive up to Seattle this Monday, and our first concert is this Thursday, Oct.16 in Seattle.

I would be so honored to meet you in person on tour. Here are the dates. I’m looking forward to it.

Oct.16 Seattle, WA

Oct.17 Portland, OR

Oct.18 Eugene, OR

Oct.19 Ashland, OR

Oct.22 Grass Valley, CA

Oct.23 San Rafael, CA

Oct.24 Santa Cruz, CA

Oct.25 Encinitas, CA

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