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Meditation For Healing Addictions

Hi Everyone,
I want to share a very profound, easy and practical tool for healing addictions. What I love about this meditation is that we don’t have to focus on the addictions and try and think them away. They simply fall away when we practice this meditation regularly.  
As someone who uses sound daily, this meditation is perfect for clearing the subconscious and therefore leading to more authentic sound, which is very healing.
Our sound is everything. It is the vibration which we emit and the environment in which we exist in.  
The tricky thing about addictions is that they can seem impossible to break. Also, addictions are sneaky. Some of them are superficial and are easy to be conscious of, while others are subconscious while we don’t know they even exist. 
We can be addicted to substances, behaviors, people, acceptance, emotions, emotional love, thought patterns, negativity, and the list goes on.
What happens in addiction is that the brain wave frequency and the frequency of the substance of addiction are magnetically interlocked, and by doing this meditation we are breaking that interlock, we are balancing the brain, and the addiction simply falls away as the brain is redirected. 
I personally practice this meditation, and I love it because it’s easy and practical and doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  
Love Always,

Simrit: The New Album- Available Now

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to announce the OFFICIAL RELEASE of my new album on Itunes at this link
Here it is!  I am so excited to that my dear big Sister in the music, Belinda Carlisle, is featured on track #5~  She sounds amazing on it!  
If you want the physical copy of the cd, it is available through Spiritvoyage to ship in just 5 days (July 8th)!  Click Here to purchase the physical copy of the cd.
Thank you to all that have made this possible.  You know who you are.  I am so excited to share this new chapter in my life with you.  
From my heart to yours, enjoy the music!


The New Album- Simrit- Available Now!

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