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Your Chance To See Simrit And Belinda Carlisle This Spring

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for tuning in and being a huge part of what I do. I feel a collective energy in the music that comes through me and it fuels the love I feel in my heart for this work.

I am so happy to be a part of this year’s Sat Nam Fest West in Joshua Tree April 17-20 where I will be chanting and singing for you and with you, and I’ll also be enjoying all the other amazing musicians and teachers there.

I am super excited about Jai Dev teaching Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga at Sat Nam Fest this year. He delivers the energy and information in a way that is so rare and so pure. He has an incredible gift of delivering the goods in a way that is easily digestible and amazingly soulful. His devotion to the teachings is really palpable and life-transforming.  

I am also really excited about being joined by my dear friend Belinda Carlisle at Sat Nam Fest this year.  Not only is she a gem of person, so genuine and kind, but she is also a fantastic talent. I really love the feeling I get when the two of us sing together.  It is a beautiful connection.  

Check out this really neat video interview of Belinda and me talking about some things together. Enjoy, and hope to see you at Sat Nam Fest!

I am so grateful and honored to have the opportunity to share my love, my excitement, and the music with you all.  Thank you so much for your love and support. It means a lot to me.

Love Always,

In The Studio- With Simrit And Belinda Carlisle

Profound Life Changing Teachings

Dear Friends,

I am so honored to share something with you that has not only enhanced my life in profound ways, but has enhanced the lives of many.

These simple teachings and techniques have given me the tools for a life of purpose and energy. The ups and downs in life are smoother to navigate. I am connecting more into the depth of my heart, and using these tools has helped me tremendously.

This week, Jai Dev Singh is offering a free video training this week on ‘the yogic pathway to perfect health’.

I don’t say this lightly. In my personal experience Jai Dev is fully devoted to the pure essence and teachings of Ayurveda, and he is devoted to bringing it to us in a very palpable and understandable way.

He is a yogi who truly walks his talk. He is gifted with compassion for people, as he has worked with and healed his own ailments through lots of study and practice. He is also amazing at articulating these tried, true, and ancient teachings so that we can easily digest this profound and healing information.

I encourage you to watch the free video training and experience your own inspiration while witnessing Jai Dev’s passion for love of life, healing, and transformation. The way that Ayurveda comes through him is very practical and profound. It is not esoteric.

It isn’t beyond our capacity to apply this incredible information and energy. It is real. It is beautiful, and it is right here at our fingertips.

You can get access for free below:
The Yogic Pathway To Perfect Health


With love always,

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