Lightning and Music

Lightning and Music


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Hi Everyone,

 I was on the beach playing drums the other night after our last concert for the week, and I noticed a quick bolt of lightning over the ocean.  It was dark outside and we could see the stars so clearly.  The ocean was mellow, but strong.

The lightning really triggered a reaction in me, as it usually does when I’m in the elements like I was the other night on the beach. Exactly ten years ago, I was struck by lightning nine miles into the wilderness on a back-country hiking trail with one of my dear friends.  It was after I got struck by lightning that I realized that I wanted to share my gift of love and devotion through music as a full time endeavor.  
I can remember clearly the late afternoon before we got struck on the ridge in Asheville, North Carolina in Pisgah National Forest. We were about five miles into our hike when we came to an incredible lookout of the blanket of the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains.  They are so mystical, so old, and so luscious green.  

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