Simrit Kaur On Chanting Mantras

Hi Everyone-

Here is a short video where I share how I feel when I chant mantras.
Mantras are universal. They are energetic portals into a world of wonder, mystery, happiness, and prosperity. We can get really high from chanting them, really blissed out. We can release fears and projections that don’t serve us. We can release any stagnation when we chant these profound sounds. They can be chanted aloud, silently, or simply listened to….and all ways are very powerful to uplift consciousness.  
Mantras help us form a projection of the mind, which in turn effects our entire being from our thoughts, to our body’s function, to how we relate with ourselves and the world.
The best thing about chanting mantras for me is that I feel my heart when I chant, and that is powerful and very enjoyable.


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  1. Andrea Belarruti
    Andrea Belarruti says:

    Love your authenticity, it’s obvious you speek from experience. It’s funny how the actual experience can’t really be put in words. Happens to me all the time when I try to explain what kundalini yoga has meant to me. Chanting mantras is probably the reason I was so drawn to kundalini, experiencing the sound current continues to change my mind and my life. Blessings to you and all kirtan musicians that help us connect with that divine flow. Sat Nam!♥


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